Wittenbeck and surrounding areas

There's something more than playing golf, you know. Maybe you've come here with your whole family and their interests are different to yours. Or perhaps you would like to discover some of numerous attractions in the astoundingly beautiful scenery around Wittenbeck and the great seaside resort Kühlungsborn only 3 km from here. Here is your gateway to a world beyond tees and greens.


This is a reason why Kühlungsborn is considered as the largest and most popular seaside resort in the Bay of Mecklenburg: the beach with smoothy white sand is six kilometers long with a flat shore – guarantors for perfect bathing pleasure. Please also enjoy the great view over the Baltic Sea while walking along northern Germany's longest beach promenade.


Since its foundation in the 18th century, Heiligendamm is well known as the white seaside community. It has always been considered to be one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in northern Germany. The ensemble of neo-classical lodges and bathhouses built between 1793 and 1870 characterizes the town until today.

Bad Doberan

Bad Doberan, only 9 km away from Wittenbeck, is famous for its buildings of northern German Gothic brick architecture. As a part of the former Cistercian monastery the cathedral of Doberan (Doberaner Münster) near by the pictureresque historical town centre is considered as one of the most important works of this architectural period.

The Hanseatic City of Rostock

Rostock is the largest city of the Mecklenburg region. To get there takes you 30 minutes on route B105. You may expect an interesting historical downtown and many attractive shops. In case you aren't in the mood of sightseeing you might take the opportunity of a short trip to Denmark or southern Sweden by ferry boats starting at the ferry harbour.


The seaside community Warnemünde is about 25 km away and you can get there easily by car within 30 minutes. This traditional seaside resort is one of the most popular places for excursions occasionaly by boat. Very special sights are the romantic fishermen's houses beside the river "Alter Strom". You can find many pleasant and cheerful restaurants there and, of course, long beaches full of smoothy white sand.

The Hanseatic City of Wismar

The Hanseatic city, 45 km away from Wittenbeck, is considered to be one of the most beautiful port cities in the Mecklenburg region. You can get there in 50 minutes on route A20. UNESCO has put Wismar on its World Heritage list in 2002 because of the architectural landmarks in the old town.

Capital of the State, Schwerin

Schwerin is the oldest city in the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and was the seat of the governing Dukes of Mecklenburg for centuries. Today, this town, 80 km away from Wittenbeck, is the smallest capital of a German state. The city's location between seven lakes is unique as is its little island with the castle on it - where state parliament rules. It's definitely worth a trip.



Doberan's Ostsee Rennbahn is one of Germany’s oldest horse racing tracks that has drawn thousands of horse lovers from all over the world since 1823. After the iron curtain fell, the traditional facilities were quickly restored and given a set place in the German racing calendar. One of the sporting highlights is the Baltic Sea Prize in July.

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Driving directions from Hamburg:

Travelling on the highway A20, take exit No. 12 (Kröpelin) and follow the direction signs to Kröpelin and then on to Kühlungsborn. Leave the town Kühlungsborn in the direction of Bad Doberan. After 2 kilometers, you will reach a stoplight where you turn right. Another 1.8 kilometers and you have reached the Ostsee Golf Resort.

Driving instructions from Berlin:

Travelling on the A19 will take you to the Rostocker Kreuz. From there, follow the direction signs to Lübeck (A20). Take exit No. 13 in the direction of Bad Doberan and follow the direction signs to Kühlungsborn. Two kilometers before Kühlungsborn you will enter the town Wittenbeck. At the town’s only stoplight turn left in the direction of the Ostsee Golf Resort. After 1.8 kilometers you will have reached the Golf Resort.