Ostsee Golf School Wittenbeck

That's how your golf gets even better.

Our golf school, headed up by a certified PGA professional and the region's team coach, Max Pingel, applies the latest training methods in sports science. And we tune our golf programme to suit your needs perfectly. Modern digital recording systems are part of lessons and make our teaching methods even more transparent for you.

Our professionals are members of the PGA of Germany. You'll be taught the finest golf, whether you are an absolute beginner or scratch player.


Golf swing techniques are too complex to be understood in detail within a few lessons. That's why they're first reduced to basic swing methods that are rooted in sports science, which includes physics, biomechanics and the individual capabilities of the student.

Advanced to Scratch Golfers

The ultimate goal is always to lower your handicap. We help our students attain this goal. These following points are part of our programme:

  • Finding and accentuating individual strengths
  • Analysing weaknesses and reducing them
  • Setting sensible, individual goals
  • Improving general golfing skills

Registration & Contact:
Zum Belvedere • 18209 Wittenbeck
Phone: +49 (0)38293 - 41 00 930

Ostsee Golf Resort Wittenbeck

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How to find us

Driving directions from Hamburg:

Travelling on the highway A20, take exit No. 12 (Kröpelin) and follow the direction signs to Kröpelin and then on to Kühlungsborn. Leave the town Kühlungsborn in the direction of Bad Doberan. After 2 kilometers, you will reach a stoplight where you turn right. Another 1.8 kilometers and you have reached the Ostsee Golf Resort.

Driving instructions from Berlin:

Travelling on the A19 will take you to the Rostocker Kreuz. From there, follow the direction signs to Lübeck (A20). Take exit No. 13 in the direction of Bad Doberan and follow the direction signs to Kühlungsborn. Two kilometers before Kühlungsborn you will enter the town Wittenbeck. At the town’s only stoplight turn left in the direction of the Ostsee Golf Resort. After 1.8 kilometers you will have reached the Golf Resort.